1. Easy Desktop Keeper 10.0

Easy Desktop Keeper 10.0 by Ixis Ltd
Windows | 1.89MB | Shareware | November 21, 2013
Easy Desktop Keeper lets you save, restore, manage and lock your desktop layout or layouts of PC users including placement of desktop icons, files and folders located on the desktop, desired wallpaper and screen saver.
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Download Easy Desktop Keeper 10.0

2. Password Keeper 2000 7.2

Password Keeper 2000 7.2 by Gregory Braun
Windows | 657KB | Shareware | April 3, 2013
Password Keeper is a small utility useful for storing your frequently used passwords. Password information can be stored, edited and printed with this easy to use program. Each password file that you create can contain up to 1000 account entries.
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3. Dekart Secrets Keeper 3.11

Dekart Secrets Keeper 3.11 by Dekart
Windows | 1.31MB | Shareware | July 6, 2005
Protect your important files with 256-bit AES encryption. Full integration with Microsoft Windows
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Download Dekart Secrets Keeper 3.11

4. My Notes Keeper 3.1

My Notes Keeper 3.1 by Wpg Computing Inc.
Windows | 8.63MB | Shareware | April 9, 2014 | New!
My Notes Keeper is a powerful and easy-to-use Personal Information Management software and Word Processor with Tabbed and Tree structure.
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Download My Notes Keeper 3.1

5. Crystal Keeper 1.6

Crystal Keeper 1.6 by Absolutist Ltd
Windows | 2.26MB | Shareware | January 21, 2002
Crystal Keeper is a new 3D arcade game. You will have to shoot hordes of monsters of every kind, which will try to steal your priceless magic crystals. An excellent chance to relax and spend some pleasant hours enjoying the game-play.
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Download Crystal Keeper 1.6

6. Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper 1.31

Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper 1.31 by PowerOfSoftware Ltd.
Windows | 9.13MB | Freeware | June 1, 2009
Protect and restrict access to your photos, video and audio files. Free!
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Download Pos Multimedia Privacy Keeper 1.31

7. Recomposit (now "Light Developer" ) 7.0

Recomposit (now "Light Developer" ) 7.0 by
Windows | 4.19MB | Shareware | July 1, 2012
Recomposit is a photo masking and compositing tool which precisely isolates image object from its background and merges it with others.
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Download Recomposit (now "Light Developer" ) 7.0

8. Privacy Keeper 7.0.1

Privacy Keeper 7.0.1 by PIMASOFT
Windows,Unix,Linux | 66.21MB | Freeware | August 1, 2005
Privacy Keeper is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer. Free!
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Download Privacy Keeper 7.0.1

9. OrgPassword 3.6

OrgPassword 3.6 by OrgBusiness Software
Windows | 5.39MB | Shareware | July 9, 2013
OrgPassword is a handy utility for storing personal information of any type. It has a nice interface, provides a variety of data categories to keep and gives a rock-solid protection as your data will be secured by a master password.
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10. KeePass 2.23

KeePass 2.23 by KeePass
Windows | 2.42MB | Freeware | August 30, 2013
KeePass is a secure password management software, capable of storing and managing all your usernames and passwords in a single, secure database that is accessed by either a password or security keyfile. The database is secured and encrypted. Free!
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